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AT&T GigaPower
Internet connectivity up
to 1Gbps1 is here.
Now bring it in.
Nominate your property *Speeds/time estimates are examples.
Chris downloads 25 songs1 second*
The Gratzkas download one HD TV show3 seconds*
Mia downloads an HD movie36 seconds*
See if your property can be fiber-richwith a proven provider.
AT&T is deploying U-verse® with AT&T GigaPower℠ in select markets. Nominate your property now.
Because whether it's an existing structure or in development, AT&T Connected Communities will help improve its value with as little disturbance to you, tenants and buildings as possible.
Evaluation Evaluation

Nominate your property
for an AT&T evaluation.

Design approval Design approval

AT&T engineers develop a
design for your approval.

Deployment Deployment

AT&T trained technicians use
a non-disruptive approach.

What happens in AT&T Connected Communities?
  • Download blazingly fast.
    Now with speeds at up to 1Gbps, our fiber-fast Internet service gives residents speeds and bandwidth for all their devices today and tomorrow.Learn more »
  • Connect easily.
    Give residents the latest Wi-Fi technology that
    supports multiple devices — indoors and out.Learn more »
  • Watch delightfully.
    With the most advanced DVR ever, streaming access to over 500,000 TV shows, movies, music, videos, sports and more at, residents can watch up to 6 shows in HD at once, and enjoy TV on the go virtually anywhere on their computer, smartphone or tablet.Learn more »
  • Talk effortlessly.
    When home phones can talk to TVs and laptops,
    residents can do just about anything.Learn more »
  • Mobilize amazingly.
    Because AT&T's network has the nation's strongest 4G LTE signal*, they'll be connected wherever they call home.Learn more »*Claim based ONLY on avg. 4G LTE signal strength for national carriers. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. 4G LTE not available everywhere.
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